A Place to Call Home

We WillHow

Provide greater choice and shape neighbourhoods by investing £69.7 million in new homes over the next three years

Offer new options for those looking to buy or rent their home by providing new homes with a range of tenure types

Reduce the average cost of developing a new home by 10%

Provide a greater choice of new homes in our neighbourhoods by making land on our estates available for development

Help those with specific needs to live independently through the homes and services we provide

Give people with specific needs such as mental health or learning disabilities an opportunity to own a stake in their own home

Work with organisations who provide homes for those with specific needs to help them offer better quality housing and services

Consider local needs and promote economic prosperity in the way we let our homes

Adapt our lettings policy to the needs of individual neighbourhoods, so we are creating greater choice and more balanced communities

Improve tenants’ quality of life by investing £150 million in existing homes over the next five years.

Make our homes warmer and cheaper to live in through investing £20 million

Make our homes greener through attracting £5 million inward investment to help us.

Reduce the cost of maintaining our homes by 10%